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Lifesize Entertainment is a full service N. American distributor, producer and international sales agent. We offer a diverse slate of tv series, non fiction and critically acclaimed feature films. We are delighted to announce many new additions to our 2016 catalog. Foremost among these are CELEBRITY FISH AND FIRE, an 8×30 celebrity fishing series featuring Chef Antonio Meleca and renowned fishing guide, Shawn Degagne. We’ve also added six new titles to our package of WWII programs; ABOVE AND BEYOND, OHAMA BEACH: HONOR AND SACRIFICE, DOOLITTLE’S RAIDERS: A FINAL TOAST, THE AMERICAN SAINT NICK and the best film ever made about allied special forces, VICTORY REMEMBERED. The Bio Doc AN ANARCHIST’S LIFE (1 x 60, Italian with English subtitles).
We’ve completed delivery  (to Discovery and Nat Geo channels) of our latest reality series; GIVE ME SHELTER (13 x 30), about the life and times of an animal rescue shelter. You can see it in re-runs on Nat Geo Wild. Additionally we have three new series in development; the  (13 x 30)wildlife series ANIMAL MYTH BUSTERS, PARANORMAL INTERVENTION (13 x 30) which is a new take on the paranormal genre, and UNTAMED EVERGLADES (13 x 30) about a wildlife rescue in the Everglades Swamp, Whether it is our own incisive reality programming or titles from our producing partners, Lifesize continues to provide networks and platforms with the kind of innovative, entertaining programs that have been our trademark over the past seventeen years.We are delighted to introduce our new celebrity outdoors series:




GIVE ME SHELTER combines “Pit Bulls And Paroles” with “From Underdog To Wonderdog” to tell the incredible story of the “no kill” Pet Helpers Rescue Shelter in Charleston, S.C. GIVE ME SHELTER is a show that highlights just how much good people can do, even in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds. We follow the staff of pet Helpers each week as they work to save, rehabilitate and “re-home” abandoned pets and injured wildlife. It is entertaining, informative and timely.

Reality / Animal Friendly 13 x 30 HD (USA 20 13) Available in HD. Produced by Bruce Frigeri and Jessie Anderson-Berens. Directed by Jessie Anderson-Berens.

A team of free spirited vets and scientists in Africa are changing the rules of species preservation in the 21st century. With key populations declining, they know that conservation today can’t wait for tomorrow. So they fast track the whole process, breaking the rules and putting together a crack team to get the job done. Story lines include the insemination of wild lions, the sterilization of elephants in the bush and emergency dental work on a cantankerous hippo.

Every episode will feature exotic animals, spectacular scenery, bawdy humor and a feel good vibe as we
root for the team to complete their assignment.

A rough cut of the first episode is available for previewing. Delivery is slated for May of 2014.

Reality/Nature 13 x 30 HD (S. Africa/USA 2014) Produced by Wild Dog Productions &
Lifesize Entertainment. Directed by Robert Waldron.

Maximum Limit Fishing Story of Umberto Tommasini, one of the founding members of the European Anarchist Movement

Special Interest 72 mins. IDVD-5 Produced by Collective Media

With high profile narrators like Dan Ackroyd, Damian Lewis (Homeland, Band Of Brothers) and Donnie Wahlberg Blue Bloods, The Zoo Keeper) this series uses never before seen footage from private collections and the National Archive to tell seldom acknowledged, but none the less remarkable stories of valor from the European war theater. On line screening is available for most of the programs on Youtube/Tim Gray Media and dvds are available for all.

History 8 X 54 HD (USA 2012) Directed by Tim GrProduced by PBS and Tim Gray Media.


Blackmail was never so easy when four trophy wives are anonymously invited to an empty mansion to bid on the diary of the recently deceased, handsome young lover they all shared. The women fall over themselves to keep their affairs secret. But when the spirit medium hired by the mysterioius blackmailer to scare the women with tarot readings turns out to be a real pro, the vengeful ghost of the dead boy toy emerges and wonlet anyone leave until he’s played his last card.

Horror/Thriller 81 mins, HD (USA 2014) Produced by Geraldine Winters and David Landau.
Directed by David Landau. Cast: Jade Elysan, Susan Adriensen, Natasa Babic, Quintin Fielding. Availability: World Wide

“Voices” tells the tale of an Italian family in the border city of Trieste. Angelo is an unemployed professor who makes ends meet delivering newspapers. When a Serbian refugee accuses him of being involved in the disappearance of his family, Angelo is forced to finally see his life as it really is before he loses everything.

The complete feature is available for online screening. Just email us and we’ll get you the password. The trailer can be screened at

Drama, Color 91 mins (Italy 2013) Produced by Kineo Films, Written and Directed by Rodolfo Bisatti. Availability: World Wide ex Italy.

Award Winning Russian Features

Lifesize Entertainment is delighted to announce the acquisition of ten titles produced by Rock Films of St. Petersburg, Russia. Spanning multiple genres, this package of award winning feature films includes, romance, dramas, wartime dramas and thrillers. Productions range from 2004 to 2013. Highlights for a few titles appears below. We’ll promptly forward screeners for any and all you would like to review. Download a Catalog for the full list.


Today’s young Russians are the first generation in the country’s post-communist history to have grown up free. A young girl and her two accidental companions walk halfway around St.-Petersburg; they flirt and tease each other, acting out a real-time romantic drama full of laughter and tears set against the magnificent backdrop of St. Petersburg in springtime.


A lonely hunter, Michail, stumbles on an attempted murder in the woods of the Russian countryside. Michail instinctively helps the victim, Andrey, to escape. He quickly realizes that the bad guys are not going to just let them get away and a deadly game of pursuit through the wilderness ensues. Michail uses all his skills as an outdoorsman to keep he and Andrey one step ahead of the assassins. Their disagreements mount and soon the hunted realize that they must put their differences aside if they are to survive in such a harsh land.


Two commuting professionals meet on the train from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Even though both are happily married with children, they are smitten by each other and in spite of themselves, begin a torrid affair that has consequences beyond any of their imaginings.